Mercedes Lasarte

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I believe art must evolve, adapt and transmit sensations, emotions and feelings. Like people, art must be reinvented continuously. I try to do it in each painting, even experimenting with techniques, colors, forms…

Mercedes Lasarte

Mercedes Lasarte works a strong presence of paintings by Gauguin and by the German Expressionists or by painters of the Fauve movement.

In Mercedes Lasarte’s work, we can observe some of the main characteristics of the mentioned painters. As one among other examples, we can refer to the use of colors covering wide areas or flat surfaces which are clearly separated in order that they do not touch or superimpose each other. This technique became known as cloissonnisme at the end of the 19th century as, adopted by some followers of Gauguin. Another characteristic that Mercedes Lasarte has in common with Post-Impressionist painters is the emotional rather than naturalist use of color. The greens in their different shades, the blues, the yellows of the sun in a brightly illuminated interior, but their purpose is above all to evoke a state of mind, to fix, on an almost hypnotic image, a personal experience, a memory, or a longing.

Such longing, or desire, is certainly the main source of Mercedes Lasarte’s artistic inspiration; the desire to be part of the painted scene as if it were real, and to remain there forever, in that garden, close to that sea, with those friends, as in those childhood afternoons that never seemed to end, those memories in which time stops as in a dream... as in a painting.


Mercedes Lasarte 2013